Greg Kastelman

Who is Greg?

Greg Kastelman is an executive coach, an entrepreneur, and a performing arts practitioner β€” leading with empathy, purpose, and spark. His undergraduate studies include Psychology (B.A. Tufts University), with additional coursework in Cognitive Science and Psychology of Leadership. His postgraduate studies have earned him a certificate in Coaching Strategies from Harvard University, and he is currently enrolled in the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute, anticipating a final certification by May 2024. One of Greg’s greatest joys is the evergreen inspiration he receives from supporting others to express authenticity and drive their own definitions of success.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is conversation with purpose. It can start with someone encountering any sort or challenge, and reaching out to a coach for help. There are only two requisites to work with a coach: an open mind and an open heart. Executive Coaching is a subset of coaching designed to support various kinds of professionals in their journey to develop the habits and mindset required to transform a career and a life. Leadership Coaching is an even deeper dive into Executive Coaching, focusing on intrapersonal achievements found through the creative powers of leadership.