Pipo Romero

Pipo Romero, is a gifted composer and acoustic guitarist from Cรกdiz, a beautiful city south of Andalusia (Spain).

Pipo Romero's original and unprecedented musical fusion and his particular approach to the instrument has made him one of the most relevant artists in the acoustic guitar scene. Critics and journalists have labeled it "Spanish Acoustic Fingerstyle" as it brings together the musical influences of Pipoโ€™s childhood, the carnivals of Cadiz and a pastiche of folkloric influences from around the world.

His compositions are an emotional and multicultural experience of unforgettable Folk, Flamenco, Celtic and classical melodies. His growing international recognition led him to share the stage with pioneering legends of the acoustic guitar like Don Ross and Pierre Bensusan. Luthier Michael Greenfield (Canada), a world reference in handcrafted guitars, is working with Pipo as one of his touring artists. This partnership between guitarmaker and artist has resulted in Pipo performing on a guitar with the perfect voice for his music.

He released his third album โ€œIkigaiโ€ in April 2022 and charted at #28 on the Transglobal World Music Chart on its release day. Ikigai is an ode to Spanish folklore and its crossover with Atlantic folks, but composed and performed on a steel-string guitar instead of the traditional Spanish guitar. In January 2023, Pipo Romero made his debut at Lincoln Center, kickstarting a number of North American tours. Pipo Romero has performed in numerous international forums, such as:

USA (Lincoln Center, SXSW 2019, FAI New Orleans 2020 and FAI Kansas 2023)
Korea (Seoul Music Week, 315 Arts Center in Changwon)
Spain (Barcelona and Madrid Jazz Festival, BCN Guitar festival)
Canada (FAI 2019 + winter tours)
Italy (Ancona Mediterraneo Festival, Napoli, Positano)
Portugal (OuTonalidades)

"I saw Pipo Romero, who Bob Boilen recommended the other night. A wonderful kind of flamenco meets classical guitar but he had a little kind of pocket orchestra with him, and his beautiful sounds and his winding solos. I loved him"
-- NPR Radio

"A journey to the heart of folklore, in its broadest or most inclusive sense" -- EFE ERE Magazine