Data Not Found

This is a new work in development. If you interested in learning more about presenting this new work, email us here. A video trailer is available upon request.


DATA NOT FOUND was a co-commission by the NYUAD Arts Center, the Krannert Center, the Moss Arts Center, the Festival of Arts & Ideas, and Arts@Tech and Georgia Tech.

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented some regional and international debuts from taking place. Stay tuned for an updated plan for live presentations and touring.


Kaki King’s DATA NOT FOUND (with directorial consultation by Annie Dorsen) is a gripping meditation on the data we live with, and the data we leave behind.

In this unique and multimedia-enriched production, composer Kaki King reinvents her guitar to become a shaper of both sonic and visual experience, inviting audiences to contemplate how humans create meaning out of the vast endless patterns of our world. Inspired by elements of nature, DATA NOT FOUND incorporates lush, often responsive technical theater and projection work (designed by Max Bernstein), filling a stage that acts as a canvas. Kaki King’s musical score is punctuated by theatrical monologue (with text by Anne Washburn), offering both highly personal and poetic musings that serve as an elegy to the traces of things that are lost, and found. Loss, growth, decay, and endless possibilities punctate the performance, portrayed by contemporary music and numerous storytelling techniques.


Thematic content related to data science, data humanism, statistics, ethics, and new media are embedded widely within the piece.

When possible / desired, residencial can be designed between university departments, at the high school and middle school levels, or for open- community discussions.

As a lead co-commissioner, the NYUAD Arts Center in Abu Dhabi presented the Middle Eastern premiere of DATA NOT FOUND, November 13-15, 2019.

Bill Bragin, Linsey Botswick, and their wider teams at NYU Abu Dhabi, designed a rich 2-week residency on campus.

It has provided us with successful examples and templates for future residencies.

  • 6 performances β€” comprising 3 public performances, 1 invited high school performance (with sponsorship by the US Embassy), 1 open rehearsal (during Open Studios), 1 invited dress performance
  • 11 class visits β€” in the Core, Theater, Music, and Film, including Capstones seminars in 2 programs, Theater and Interactive Media.
  • 2 skills development workshops β€” (open to the public and NYUAD community)
  • 1 knowledge development talk β€” in partnership with Career Development Center
  • 2 post-show discussions
  • 1 community outreach dinner β€” (attended by NYUAD students and faculty, Emirati artists, faculty of Zayed University, staff of Ministry of Education and Department of Cultural Affairs, Art Center sponsor guests, Arts Center members and others)
  • 1 Student Interest Group event

*Incorporating a performance element into teaching digital humanities has opened new windows for me onto exploring the relation of self and all the devices – the digital things – that have permeated our lives.”

β€” Professor David Wrisley (Digital Humanities at NYUAD) *

A performance review from the Abu Dhabi premiere:

β€œThis was intense, intelligent, and emotional art. It wasn’t in-your-face explicit, but it was thought-provoking … There were mellow acoustic numbers and then lushly layered, driving rides; the set was truly diverse.” β€” (MAGPIE)