An agency for artists to be … unbound

Unbound Artists was launched to provide a unique space for thriving artists. Our enterprise is focused on organizational efficacy, creative placemaking, and solutions-based advocacy.

 We specialize in attractions and performance projects that are global, contemporary, and hybrid. Dedicated to serving the needs of artists, presenters, and audiences.

Unbound Artists offers an array of services: producing, artist representation,  management, talent buying, and consulting.

The Unbound Artists Credo

An unbound artist is untethered by convention, and grounded by gratitude. 

An unbound artist is talented, creative, and entrepreneurial. 

An unbound artist is authentic to their core, engaged with their practice, and connected with their fans and champions.

Meet our Team

Greg Kastleman

Greg Kastelman is a multidisciplinary performing arts specialist with a decade of experience in artist representation, producing and consulting. In 2018, he founded Unbound Artists LLC, dedicated to representing contemporary and adventurous artists untethered by convention, engaged with their practice, and connected with their fans and champions. Prior to launching Unbound Artists in late 2018, Greg spent 7 years building the contemporary and global divisions of Cadenza Artists. His portfolio of work includes creative production work, artist development consulting, booking, and artist management, including booking US artist debuts at festivals including BAM’s Next Wave (2015) Jacob’s Pillow (2018), the NYUAD Arts Center (2019), and many others. Greg has also launched several journalistic endeavors, served on professional committees for the arts, and is currently executive producing an international music album for release in 2021. He is a graduate of Tufts University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He is an active vocalist and composer, a lover of traveling around (when it is safe!), and an amateur but passionate chef.

Sarah Sinizer-Hopkins

Sarah Sinizer-Hopkins is an actor, professional ice skater, and booking assistant! Sarah has acted across the country and recently toured the Pacific Northwest with The Traveling Lantern Theatre Company. Sarah’s most recent skating adventure was WinterFest at Great America in California. She has been thrilled to grow with Unbound Artists LLC. Sarah particularly loves working for Unbound because of its commitment to creating a collaborative and engaging environment for both artist and presenter alike.

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